Nutritional therapy is integrative i.e. designed to complement, not replace medical treatment. Your nutritional therapist will do an extensive evaluation and provide you with a personalized program to address any nutritional deficiencies in your diet and help maintain and optimize your health. That’s what a great nutritional therapist would ideally do for you besides treating your symptoms; but we go beyond.

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We apply a combination of our skill set of nutritional therapy to help you eat and absorb right and advice to help empower you to transcend societal conditioning that stifle your potential for being well, think radically different as to what might really be your goals for yourself and harness the power within you to facilitate change so you can have a high quality of life. We define a high quality of life as being happy, free of bodily discomfort and having an abundance of energy.

Some of our guiding principles:

Someone asked Buddha, “What is poison?” He gave a great answer; “Everything excess in life is poison.”

“We have a largely materialistic lifestyle characterized by a materialistic culture. However, this only provides us with temporary, sensory satisfaction, whereas long-term satisfaction is based not on the senses but on the mind. That’s where real tranquility is to be found. And peace of mind turns out to be a significant factor in our physical health too.” 

― His Holiness The Dalai Lama XIV

If you’re feeling lazy, tired, like a deflated balloon from the effects of medication, seemingly allergic to certain foods, addicted to cookies/chocolate, concerned with nutritional stress or inflammation, in need of a heart-friendly diet, healthy cooking options, use of spices based on Ayurvedic principles and even wanting a better understanding of food nutrition labeling, we can help.

We are available by appointment for online one-on-one consultations — initial meet and greet, assessments and ongoing therapy.

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