Are you doomed by your genes? Not according to epigenetics, the science of how our environment selects, modifies and regulates gene activity. We can, through environmental factors including nutrition, lifestyle, what we do, think, perceive (real or imagined), believe and feel, change how certain parts of our DNA blueprint are read and implemented – or… Continue reading Epigenetics


Omega 3 being a polyunsaturated fat is good for heart health. A ratio of 3:1 EPA:DHA is preferred because while DHA increases LDL, EPA and DHA are co-dependent. Avoid Omega 3-6-9, as, while Omega 9 is great, Omega 6 is another source of inflammation and most of us get plenty of it from cooking oils… Continue reading Omega-3

Fat and Tired?

Are your hormones making you fat and tired? Take your body temperature thrice daily for five days and watch if you vary +/- from the 37°C mark. If you have the symptoms and your body temperature is somewhat lower than normal, you might have subclinical hypothyroidism even if blood/urine/saliva tests are normal. Here is what… Continue reading Fat and Tired?